Projects & expertise | 26 May 2021

Introducing The Chalk!

Millar Merrigan is a full-service land development consultancy, providing strategic advice and services to leading businesses and developers for over 50 years. We know how to adapt and grow in changing markets. We work closely with developers to create value at every project stage. Our team is respected by industry stakeholders and recognised  for their insights and integrity.

Our expert team  is deeply invested in the success of every client, drawing on decades of experience to identify opportunities, solve complex problems and realise the potential of property developments.

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This year we are excited to launch The Chalk, a place for us to share the history, experience, expertise and achievements we have chalked up over 50 years.

In full acknowledgement that we have learned so much from our clients, and we are only as good as the opportunities they provide us, The Chalk will feature conversations, case studies and insights from Australia’s development community as well as international thought leaders.

Expect behind-the-scenes stories, unique developer perspectives, planning trends, commentary on industry issues, predictions and forecasts for a post-COVID world and some good old camaraderie with our team whom the sector knows so well.

We look beyond the project to the lives it will shape and hope to share this with you. To inspire better living.

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The Chalk

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