Our success at Millar Merrigan depends on the quality of our employees, and we’re committed to developing a diverse and creative workforce to provide individuals with the opportunity to contribute to business success.

We encourage our employees to develop career paths that will enable them to maximise their contribution to the company, achieve job satisfaction and reach their full potential.

We are equally proud and humbled to have been awarded The Australian Business Award for Employer of Choice (EOC) 2021.

We are always happy to hear from industry professionals, particularly those with experience in the land development industry who may be looking for a change of scene.

See our current vacancies below.

MM Core Values Poster

At Millar Merrigan, we have a purpose to Inspire Better Living. We try and ensure that this is carried out and enacted in our staffs’ lives through our values.

Inspire Through Excellence: Inspire Internally through encouraging upskilling, and facilitating a supportive collaborative environment.

Build Integrated Communities: Ensure nothing and no one is left behind as an afterthought, holistically considering all projects and departments in the company.

Working Together to Encourage Innovation: In using innovative practices and applications, our team can work collaboratively with greater ease and efficiency.

Encourage, Engage, & Empower Each Other: It’s key that everyone feels included and valued in our team; we believe that work is a large part of life, so you should enjoy your work.

A Team with Integrity Creates Loyalty: When aspects of integrity are noticed, trust is generated within Millar Merrigan, and with our clients.

We also have an active socials calendar, and we were recognised for our efforts in developing a leading workplace, maximising employee’s potential through performance management, leadership and culture, safety and satisfaction, and recognition and renumeration; demonstrating effective employee recruitment, engagement and retention, and; considering employee health, education, training and development by winning the Employer of Choice award in 2021.

Current vacancies

About the role: 

This role encompasses project management and civil engineering in land development (sub-division). 

Key Responsibilities: 

  • Managing and running land development projects at various stages and from start to finish 
  • Assessing and conducting development feasibility studies, and identifying resources required  
  • Providing technical advice to internal and external stakeholders when necessary 
  • Negotiating with the Authorities, Contractors and clients 
  • Managing clients expectations  
  • Visiting project sites and conduct any necessary assessments 
  • Preparing, planning and executing project timelines. 

Qualifications and Skills: 

  • Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) 
  • Minimum 5 years work experience as a civil project engineer and in project management 
  • Strong communication skills, both written and verbal 
  • Minimum 3 years work experience with the Authorities and managing clients 
  • Good problem solving skills 
  • Has work experience in residential subdivision 

Hear from our current employees Xavier (Construction Manager) and Casey Benham (Project Manager): 

Xavier shares, “I started as an Undergraduate Engineer and I remember feeling like ‘home’ on my 1st day.  I am now a Construction Manager.  I am grateful for the help, my learning and growth into a Construction Manager.  The mentors and long senior staff have been second to none.  There are always opportunities for growth at Millar Merrigan.  Staff here are very respectful and the relationships that I have made are best friends for life.   

Casey shares, “Millar Merrigan has been my home for 10 years now and working alongside the most knowledgeable and talented people in the industry.  My career has progressed over the years from working in administration to now project managing. Not only have I made friendships for life within the company, but with clients and contractors. I tribute my successes in life to Millar Merrigan.  


If you like interacting with clients and have civil engineering experience, this is the role for you.  Please send your application to careers@millarmerrigan.com.au.  A detailed position description is available upon request.   

Please note MM operates a direct sourcing model so we ask that agencies do not get in touch regarding this vacancy

Key Responsibilities for this role include: 

  • Prepare civil design plans and drawings for land development engineering projects 
  • Interpreting information accurately 
  • Maintaining design plans by revising and updating in accordance with statutory authorities and clients’ expectation 
  • Delivering projects timely and within specifications 
  • Preparing and maintaining engineering documents 
  • Assisting other team members 


Skills and Experience: 

  • Proficient in AutoCAD 
  • Knowledge of AutoTURN 
  • Relevant tertiary qualification(s) 
  • Land development experience in commercial and residential environment 
  • Ability to work in a team environment and collaborate 
  • Knowledge of local engineering regulations 
  • Working experience with local authorities and town councils 
  • Ability to manage multiple projects and meet datelines 
  • Demonstrated experience in engineering documentation 

If you have civil drafting experience and are proficient in AutoCAD, we would love to hear from you. 

Please note MM operates a direct sourcing model so we ask that agencies do not get in touch regarding this vacancy

Applications including a cover letter can be emailed to: careers@millarmerrigan.com.au, or utilise the link below!