Gardner Parade

Town Planning / Urban Design

  • Two architecturally inspired, three-bedroom
    contemporary dwellings
  • Two lot subdivision

Two site specific dwellings were designed to offer a contemporary appeal that complement the unique character of Mount Evelyn. A two lot subdivision was included to allow individual sale of the dwellings and aid in affordable housing opportunities. Each dwelling offers excellent northern solar orientation and light filled rooms which added to their sought after status in the residential market place.

Landscape Architecture

  • Re-introduction of canopy vegetation into the area
  • Low maintenance design to minimise the need for management
  • Locally indigenous plants

The site offered no features of environmental significance and the landscape design aimed to re-introduce substantial canopy vegetation to ensure that the development enhanced the character of the area. Large north facing decks maximise useable open space and have direct access from living areas to encourage transition between indoor and outdoor areas. The landscape is treated in a low maintenance fashion to minimise management requirements and ensure longevity. A high percentage of plants are locally indigenous to enhance the environmental quality of the area and provide habitat for local fauna.

Nica Constructions are professional building practitioners with experience in dealing with difficult sites and mountainous regions, which was ideal for this site in Mount Evelyn. Images courtesy of Nica Constructions.