Dwellings in Green Wedge Zone

Planning policies indicate a clear desire for rural land to be dedicated to agriculture and living in these areas requires Council approval.  Millar Merrigan provide guidance to our clients in preparation of their own farm/business plan which outlines the intended agricultural use of the land and why it is essential that they live on the land to succeed with the business.

Town Planning

  • Design of dwellings and outbuildings and preparation of town planning plans
  • Preparation of Master Plan showing our clients overall vision for the land
  • Consultation with external consultants as required (ie. arborist, soil tester)
  • Detailed assessment against Planning Policies and preparation of Planning Report to accompany application

Landscape Architecture

  • Preparation of Landscape Plan to offer screening and ensure built form blends with the landscape as required by Council
  • When required, preparation of a detailed Land Managment Plan to outline how the land will be managed, including protection of native vegetation, weed & pest control and general land improvements

Land Surveying

  • Detailed feature and level survey to inform architectural drawings