Amalfi Cove

The Amalfi Cove site was formerly the Laze-away Caravan Park, which was part of the small laid back coastal village of Indented Head on the Bellarine Peninsula. The Estate has been developed to take advantage of the sites location by allowing for the maximum number of allotments to take advantage of views to the bay. A high quality of landscaping and streetscape features, set the scene for this development, and Urban Design Guidelines and covenants ensure that future buildings will carry this throughout the estate.

Features & Innovation

A number of techniques utilised in projects recently have minimised the environmental impacts of stormwater runoff through utilising water sensitive urban design techniques, a number of innovative features have been used in combination here including:

  • Water from road surface sheds directly onto the grassed swales or garden beds allowing for maximum infiltration
  • A small drop from the edge of the pavement to the landscape areas to allow for siltation
  • Modifications to the soil to ensure the hydraulic conductivity was sufficient to ensure the drainage system worked whilst not being so free draining as to effect the viability of planting
  • Use of pebbles in the base of the swale drain, combined with indigenous plants, has provided an effective and attractive verge area

Best practice engineering design has been used in ensuring a high quality from storm water runoff to the Bay and this has been combined with a landscape treatment that turns this treatment into a visual asset for the site.


Urban Design

The subdivision plans contain building envelope restrictions, which allow for dwellings with potential for views to the bay, to take advantage of these views without having overlooking issues to neighbours. The covenant and design guidelines are aimed at encouraging appropriate coastal architecture as well as landscape treatments on private properties. Millar Merrigan were appointed by the developer to assess each proposed development against the covenant provisions.

The subdivision development has set the scene for a high quality of built form through the provision of a quality streetscape incorporating landscaping, paving and street lights. The use of landscaped swale drains is an important element of the design that provides benefits in both visual amenity and stormwater quality.

Landscape Architecture

  • Retention of an existing palm tree provides a link back to the previous use of the site
  • A second palm tree was planted opposite the entrance road and underplanted with feature garden beds
  • Garden beds planted at strategic locations provide visual interest through the combination of colour and contrasting forms of foliage
  • The species utilised are a mix of exotics and native species and tolerant of coastal climates

Particular emphasis has been placed on using drought tolerant / low water using plants including succulents which also provide for some of the vivid colours in the landscape. The planted swales also provide a strong visual element to the streetscape particularly in combination with the street trees.