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Bluestone Views

Swales were used as mini detention basins designed to maximise infiltration. The construction of these required careful management to prevent silting and ongoing building works. A large storm event in the early stages emphasised the importance of vegetation establishment and/or silt fencing. Following remediation the system coped well with a further large storm event.

This project is well known to engineers from City of Whittlesea and has been promoted as the first of its kind in Victoria.

Amalfi Cove

A one way cross fall was utilised to a vegetated swale that allowed for maximum storm water infiltration. This resulted in an attractive landscape solution and eliminated the need for a large water quality basin/pond.

Images of this estate have been used in promoting the benefits of WSUD in various publications.

Detention systems for urban infill developments

Council drainage systems are often unable to cope with increased runoff from new urban infill developments that increase runoff and put stress on systems designed for lesser flows. The common solution has been to construct an underground pit for temporary storage. Such a system involves no re-use, nor provides any other environmental benefits.

We have promoted the use of rainwater tanks to deal with this problem. We have been able to demonstrate to Councils how this can be achieved to their satisfaction and recently hosted a training session on the application of this idea and the relevant software.

Sustainable Design brings together elements of civil engineering and effective landscaping in a form that builds on standard practices with added water quality benefits. WSUD ensures water quality measures are aimed to improve the environment for flora, fauna and the people that exist within it. An effective and efficient design is a simple combination of effective water quality and detention measures.

Millar Merrigan has been instrumental in the application of a number of innovative WSUD solutions for various projects, as seen on left.