• Subdivisions – including dual occupancy two-lot subdivisions, broadacre estates, building subdivisions, multi-storey apartment developments, rural subdivision and industrial developments
  • Title surveys – re-establishment of title boundaries, application surveys relating to amendments of title, adverse possession etc.
  • Feature surveys, level surveys, engineering and set-out surveys
    Base plans using aerial photography
  • Consolidation of titles, creation, variation and removal of easements and restrictions
  • GPS and control surveys
  • Expert survey, title and subdivision advice from multiple, experienced Licensed Surveyors

The Millar Merrigan Survey team includes a wealth of experience in all aspects of land subdivision and land surveying. We are fully equipped with the latest robotic total stations and survey-accurate GPS equipment, allowing for the completion of quick, accurate and economical surveys.

We utilise the latest technology for the reduction of survey data and preparation of survey plans. Millar Merrigan has been utilising the Victoria Government’s on-line Surveying and Planning through Electronic Applications and Referrals (SPEAR) system since its inception.

Millar Merrigan is a member firm of the Consulting Surveyors Victoria (CSV).

MM are proud to support the Surveying Task Force – if you are interested in a career in land surveying check out the information on their website: Industry & Career Info on Land Surveying Australia | A Life Without Limits