Industry insights | 12 December 2023

Unlocking new possibilities: Millar Merrigan’s acquisition of AMS

In acquiring AMS Land Surveyors, we are combining our strengths with AMS Land Surveyors’. Their team members, who have are now working at Millar Merrigan, alongside the 34-year legacy of the company, helps us to broaden our client base and reach within the market.

AMS Land Surveyors is a company recognised for their expertise in land surveying and their commitment to client-focused, solution-driven approaches, bringing a valuable mindset that aligns seamlessly with our company values. With a deep care for clients and projects which benefit clients, communities, and our staff, we are sure that this new acquisition will only bolster our commitment to Inspire Better Living.

This acquisition of AMS Land Surveyors marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter for us. AMS Land Surveyors bring a wealth of experience and talent, and a robust client base. We are eager to integrate these projects into our portfolio, and foster connections with our new clients.

We were reached out to personally by Andrew Smith, the founder of AMS, after he had advertised his business in an industry newsletter. Despite receiving interest from multiple companies, he was motivated by a care for his employees, and ultimately reached out to us due to our reputation as an Employer of Choice in the land development industry.   

This is a testament to the positive workplace culture we’ve cultivated at Millar Merrigan. We’re honoured that Andrew chose Millar Merrigan, knowing that his staff will be in good hands.

I look forward to seeing the work Millar Merrigan does in the future. The work environment that Millar Merrigan has created leaves me with great hope, and I know that my team are going to be supported through their careers, well after I’m gone.

Chris Small, Manager | Survey at Millar Merrigan, adds “Welcoming the AMS team into the Millar Merrigan family is a testament to our shared strengths. Together, we look forward to taking on new challenges and delivering exceptional surveying services. Extending our in-house services to their existing clients is a fantastic enhancement we can offer them as a multi-disciplinary consultancy.” 

Chris goes on to express gratitude, saying “We are honoured to carry on the legacy of Andrew M Smith’s business, and we are humbled to have been approached by AMS Land Surveyors to  continue servicing their clients.”  

Sean Ryan, Sector Manager | Surveying, emphasises the strategic nature of the acquisition, stating “This move reinforces our commitment to excellence in surveying. By combining our collective strengths, we ensure our clients and ongoing projects receive exceptional services. Simultaneously, we extend our support to AMS’s existing clients with an expanded service base, offering the opportunity to streamline their projects.” 

We look forward to seeing how this evolves – with all existing projects being finished, and with the AMS team working within ours on any new projects at Millar Merrigan.

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