People, program & culture | 11 October 2022

Say hello to our new department: MM Structural 

At Millar Merrigan, we’re here to provide our clients with a service that helps them inspire better living. This involves us continually reflecting on our offerings and tuning into our clients’ needs. And what do your clients most need now? An in-house structural engineering team.   

By having a structural engineering team in our own quarters, we can now swiftly resolve day-to-day issues while also streamlining the project delivery. From residential projects, including new dwellings, alternations and additions, multi-unit developments, architectural homes, decking and verandas, standalone garages, and carports, and retaining wall design to commercial and industrial projects, our structural engineering team works across projects of varying scale and type.  

We also know the value of having one key contact, which becomes increasingly important as regulatory frameworks become more complex. With this addition to Millar Merrigan, we are thus primed to provide our clients with a cohesive, seamless experience. We hope you’re as excited as us!   

What is Structural Engineering?

Structural engineering explores the necessary functional requirements of man-made structures, considering the structures needed in the ground, the condition of soil in surrounding areas, and elements such as retaining walls and bridges. Structural engineers have the same university qualifications as civil design engineers (Bachelor of Engineering (Civil)), but also specialise in structural engineering.   

Our Managing Director, Simon Merrigan, recognises structural engineering as an important aspect when working around existing structures, especially as cities evolve and infill increases, complex development scenarios are becoming more common.  

“As our cities evolve, and there’s more and more infill to complete, sites to develop become more exacting. It’s the challenging sites that have the need for diverse skills.

Meet our team

Our new structural engineering department consists of Principal Structural Engineer, Chris Moran and experienced Structural Draftsperson, Daniel Abbott. To learn more about this new team, we chatted to Chris and Daniel about their expertise, as well as their experience joining Millar Merrigan.   

Chris brings 15 years’ engineering experience, including five years’ experience running an independent consultancy. As an active member of the Association of Consulting Structural Engineers Victoria, Chris is helping advance the skills of structural engineers through technical training and connecting them with experienced engineers.   

Chris has worked on influential Melbourne landmarks such as the Forum, Regent, and the Princess Theatres, and even contributed to the nest promoting the Harry Potter and the Cursed Child performances outside the Princess Theatre. He also enjoys working on high-end architectural homes, liking the meticulous planning involved.   

“Sometimes, simple architecture is the cause of very complex engineering solutions.

Daniel Abbott joined the team in July as a Structural Draftsperson with 14 years’ experience working within structural engineering consultancies. Through working in small firms, Daniel has gained a breadth of experience across different building methods and materials in both residential and commercial developments.   

Daniel’s residential experience includes simple home renovations, new houses, unit developments, bespoke architecturally designed homes and apartment complexes. Commercially, he’s worked on factory mezzanines, schools, car dealerships, supermarket extensions and large warehouses. Daniel even had a piece in the 2015-2017 Forum Theatre renovation, saying that the experience was “one of the most challenging buildings… but easily the most rewarding”.   

For Daniel, the switch to Millar Merrigan has been an exciting opportunity at ideal timing. Joining our team offers fresh challenges for Daniel—from working with new elements to learning about new building techniques and materials.   

I’d heard of Millar Merrigan many times from various people. They are so highly regarded with clients, builders and developers. It just seemed like an exciting place to work. When the opportunity arose to start in a new division at Millar Merrigan, it made complete sense to make the switch. ”

If you’re looking for a full-service land development consultancy at the forefront of commercial success, we can help. Talk about your new project with our team today, so we can work to inspire better living in your clients’ lives.  

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