People, program & culture | 23 June 2021

Millar Merrigan salute stalwart directors and welcome a new generation of leaders

When looking back on his 30-year career, Mike said “to get to this end of your career and you’ve made some friends… that’s not half bad.”

The Fireside Chat with guests of honour, Mike Jordon and Jamie Kenyon, hosted by Chris Constantine and Scott McJannet, offered a unique opportunity for reflection and a chance for parting words of wisdom from the greats to the young upstarts.

The importance of strong relationships is at the heart of Millar Merrigan. “What I’ve learned from you guys is all relationship-based.” Scott McJannet said.

“It’s not about a client and worker relationship, it’s more than that.”

Looking ahead to Millar Merrigan’s future, Christopher Constantine said “if we can do anything like you guys have done, we are going to be very lucky”.

“…And old”, added Jamie.

Together Christopher and Scott, along with the entire Millar Merrigan team will continue to inspire better living in urban and regional Victoria and deliver world-class projects.

Millar Merrigan looks forward to a new era with Christopher Constantine and Scott McJannet bringing their insight and expertise to the Millar Merrigan leadership group.

Industry legends Mike Jordon, Jamie Kenyon share a laugh over golden moments and offer parting words of wisdom with new Millar Merrigan leaders Scott McJannet and Christopher Constantine.

Special thanks:

Millar Merrigan thanks all the guests who witnessed the passing of The Chalk and gives special thanks to Mike Jordon and Jamie Kenyon for their dedicated years of expert knowledge and experience that has made a long-lasting impact on the company and on Victoria’s development history.

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