People, program & culture | 17 August 2023

Exploring Christopher Constantine’s 15 years

1. How did you start working at MM?

I started at MM as part of my industry placement while studying. Jamie Kenyon conducted my interview, and as we all know, he is the nicest man in the world! It was impossible to say no.

2. What was your first position at MM and what do you do now?

I started as an Undergraduate Engineer, and now I’m a Director!

3. What do you like most about working for MM?

I love the people here and what the business stands for. It’s a family business in every sense of the word.

4. What has been your biggest ‘lessons learned’ in the past 5 years?

Sometimes the best business decisions aren’t about money. Investing time and effort in people and relationships always wins out. I also think it’s important to make sure you’re as open as possible – quite often it’s easy to assume people know what you’re thinking or where you’re coming from (I’m regularly guilty of this but trying to improve!).

5. What advice would you give someone just starting out at MM?

The only limits are the ones you impose on yourself. Don’t be scared, everyone is here to support you! Be passionate, curious and vocal.

6. What advice would you give anyone when starting a career in Land Development?

It’s a small industry and relationships mean everything. Always think about the various stakeholders, clients, end users and asset owners – they should all benefit from dealing with you.

7. What do you see as your biggest career accomplishment since joining the company?

Our work for the English Street, Seville project. Helping some of our staff into their first homes.

8. What has been your biggest personal accomplishment in the past 10 years?

I’ve been President of Boroondara Eagles Football Club for 7 years and on the board for 10. In that time we’ve grown to 850 members, won five senior promotions and are competing in the National Premier League Structure.

9. In what ways has MM changed over the past decade?

It’s gotten bigger, and COVID has meant that connections have needed to be rebuilt, but in the end, it hasn’t really changed. The work is more difficult based on the attitudes of the public, authorities and clients. We need to be kind to each other.

10. What is your biggest hope for the next decade at MM? How do you expect it to grow?

I’m less focused on growth and more interested in ensuring that we are appropriately valued for what we do. I know what we can add to any project when given the opportunity.

11. What is one thing you wish you knew before working at MM?

We’re all in the same boat and no one knows everything. Be generous with your knowledge and curious with your approach to work.

12. How has your position changed in your time since starting?

I started with a design and technology focus and moved into a management/client-facing role. It’s still problem-solving, but in a different context.

13. Why did you choose to become a Director? What does it mean to you?

I felt a great sense of responsibility to ensure that the next generation coming through within the business were afforded the same opportunities that Peter Merrigan provided to those before them. It means making the best decisions for everyone in the business, not always just the popular or easy ones.

14. How would you describe your leadership style?

I think it depends on the team I’m leading. I’ve really enjoyed being able to take on more of a mentoring and support role in assisting the Engineering Team over the last 12 months.

15. How would you summarise your 15 years in 15 words?

I don’t need 15 words… Home.

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