Madison Gardens

Completed in early 2004 and with all dwellings snapped up off the plan in a 10 week selling period, Madison Gardens has been a highly successful redevelopment of this former Yarra Valley Water site.

Features & Innovation

Few sites of this size come up in existing urban areas very often and the opportunity and successful implementation of this project of urban renewal has been significant. The inclusion of communal BBQ’s is a simple but effective means of this new development quickly developing a sense of community as people using these facilities can’t help but have more interaction with their neighbours.

Urban Design

  • Site responsive design taking into consideration the adjoining residential area
  • Existing established trees were retained and assists in giving this development a quality ‘green’ environment
  • Variety of housing choice in an area that is conveniently located to shops, services and public transport

The design paid appropriate attention to the interface with the adjoining development and particularly with its residential interface to the west. The development at Madison Gardens, in effect, creates its own character, by virtue of fact that it is separated from Lucknow Street by a 25 metre wide easement.


  • Centrally located entrance Lucknow Street with a distinctive and large expanse of sloping lawn
  • Garden beds line the entrance at the start of Madison Boulevard and form the central spine with Madison Park at the end
  • Minor courts running off this ‘spine’ have a different street tree to provide individual character
  • Shaded walking tracks and communal BBQ areas

Landscape design was a major influence on the urban design. The initial site analysis identified significant trees and groups of trees and, as previously mentioned, these trees were designed around and provide a wonderful landscape setting. The landscape design provides a sequence of styles and feature areas, that give a sense of place as well as visual interest and contrast as you travel through the site. On the western edge large, majestic angophora trees have been kept and provide shade to a pedestrian walking track and communal BBQ areas. This same tree species is used to create the avenue along Madison Boulevard.

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