Endless Summer Estate

The Endless Summer Estate was the remainder of land (approx. 400 lots) originally developed by Jennings in the 1980s about 5km north of Merimbula. The project was designed as a number of precincts emphasising their particular characteristics. They ranged from lots directly overlooking the pristine beach in front of the adjoining National Park, to larger lots surrounded by natural bush with ocean glimpses.

Features & Innovation

This site was unusual given its very close proximity to the beach with allotments on headlands, which would not be possible under current NSW legislation. Areas of regrowth were cleared on the site with pockets of vegetation retained especially through gullies providing natural riparian corridors.Particular attention was required to control erosion in a very sandy soil environment with major works required to upgrade water supply and sewerage. The end result is a unique development with stunning views from a number of locations integrated into large tracts of dense native bushland.


  • Construction of two major pump stations, with overflow storage tanks in very environmentally sensitive areas
  • A large water tank with pressure control facilities
  • Upgrades to existing water mains
  • Significant measures to control the erosion of the almost pure sand base in some areas.

Urban Design

  • Extensive sloped site up from the coast so a majority of the lots had water views
  • Each precincts was designed to maximise its sales potential, so lots closer to the coast did not block out those behind
  • Comprehensive lot controls imposed building envelopes and building heights to protect the rights of all landowners
  • Roads and services were located around existing significant trees
  • Lots further from the beach were made larger or otherwise enhanced by orienting towards available views of the native bushland