Bushfire Management Statement

The Bushfire Management Statement accompanied a Town Planning submission for the development of a dwelling and farm shed on a heavily vegetated bushfire affected lot, 46 km north-east of Melbourne.

Town Planning

  • Preparation of reports and plans for development
    of a dwelling and outbuilding
  • Consultation with external consultants regarding
    soil percolation for effluent disposal
  • Detailed assessment against Murrindindi Shire’s policies
    for land within the Farming Zone
  • Preparation of a Bushfire Management Statement in accordance with the requirements of the Bushfire Management Overlay

Landscape Architecture

  • Preparation of a detailed Environmental
    and Land Management Plan to ensure long term management and protection of native vegetation on site

This site offered varying complexities and contradictory policies in relation to vegetation protection and bushfire risk as well as being within very close proximity to a waterway. Vegetation management was addressed through a land management plan and CFA consented to the proposal with a BAL of 40, subsequently a planning permit was issued by the Murrindindi Shire.

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