New Stormwater Offset Rates

Melbourne Water have provided advice that they are increasing the Stormwater Offset Rate in line with sustainable pricing principles to better reflect expected future costs. The increase is supported by the Office of Living Victoria, endorsed by peak industry body UDIA, and has been approved by the Essential Services Commission.

Stormwater Offset Rates provide a mechanism for developers who cannot meet stormwater quality standards for their development to pay an offset to Melbourne Water who will provide treatment in another location.

Melbourne Water has found the value of the rates collected from developers is currently less than the cost to construct treatment required to offset stormwater impacts of development.

For all areas outside of greenfield development schemes the Stormwater Offset Rate will increase. The Stormwater Offset Rates also apply in greenfield drainage schemes where adequate water quality measures have not been provided. For these schemes the water quality component of the contribution will be increased.

All new rates have been published in the contributions rates section of the Planning & Building website and will be effective from 1 August 2014.

Please note that recently published contribution rate changes that are pending for Langwarrin South DSS (2331), Junction Village South DSS (2363), McNamara Road DSS (2855), Burgess Street DSS (4115) and Edgars Creek DSS (4440) are now superseded by the new contribution rates resulting from the increased Stormwater Offset Rate. The new contribution rates for these schemes will also be effective from 1 August 2014.

Date: 5 June 2014