Yes, sort of. We are calling it “business as unusual”.

Over the last three years, Millar Merrigan have built the capability for all staff to work remotely and have access to all our systems and resources without having to set foot in the office. According to Government recommendations, we are continuing to deliver award winning projects, remotely. We have also enacted our Business Continuity Plan which ensures that we have a premeditated response to various scenarios that may occur and will provide updates to keep all stakeholders engaged with any changes to operations.


As recommended by the Government, Millar Merrigan staff have commenced working from home to ensure we do our bit to ‘flatten the curve’. Our current systems allow for collaboration between staff and stakeholders, offering continuity with regards to phone systems and teleconferencing facilities.

Unfortunately, not anymore.

In accordance with Government recommendations both Millar Merrigan offices will not be able remain open for meetings. Instead, we encourage all meetings to be undertaken from the comfort of home via phone call or video conferencing, please speak with any of our staff to arrange this.

Yes, we have access to technology that can ensure our high standard of communication, including video conferencing. Speak to any of our staff if you would like to explore this option with us.

We don’t believe so. Having said that, there will need to be continual surveillance of the supply chain and contractor capabilities, particularly those that involve international imports of goods. We are monitoring this and encourage our clients to do so too.

Millar Merrigan remains positive about the Australian property market. Current population growth requires the construction of 170,000-180,000 new homes per year and average household sizes are decreasing. Coupled with this, interest rates are at record lows and first home buyers have re-joined the market due increased government incentives.

In the context of the property market, historically, viruses have impacted the economy for 6 weeks to over 6 months. The examples of this are, the Asian Bird flu (2015), the Swine flu (2009-10) and SARS (2002-3).

What the current situation does do, subject to a strategic approach, is create a window of opportunity.

Millar Merrigan are in the best position to progress all projects due to continued availability of staff resources and consistent productivity.

We continue to monitor the situation through the Department of Health website.

Working together,

The Millar Merrigan team are continuing to deliver award-winning projects, working remotely inline with Government recommendations. All regular contact lines remain open.

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