This section provides a useful program for converting acres, roods and perches to square metre and hectares and list conversions to metres for other measurements. Simply fill in the forms below and click "calculate" for the answer!

Find Hectares & m2 from Acres, Roods & Perches

Number of Hectares0.00

Number of Sq. Metres0.00

Find Acres, Roods & Perches from m2

Number of Acres0

Number of Roods0

Number of Perches0.0

Length Basic Unit : Metre (m)

Foot x 0.3048 = Metre

Yard x 0.9144 = Metre

Link x 0.201168 = Metre

Chain x 20.1168 = Metre

Mile x 1.609344 = Km

Area Basic Unit : Metre Sq. (m)

Feet sq. x 0.092903 = Metre

Mile sq. x 2.589988 = Km

Perch x 0.002529285 = Ha

Rood x 0.1011714 = Ha

Acre x 0.404686 = Ha